Have you done nail art with UV nail gel ?

Most people know that nail polish is applied when doing nail art, but what exactly is this layer of nail polish?

Nail polish gel is also known as UV nail polish gel, which is an upgraded product of nail polish. The composition of nail polish gel includes base resin, photoinitiator, and various additives (such as pigments and dyes, rheology modifiers, and accessories). Focus on accelerators, tougheners, monomer diluents, crosslinkers, solvents, etc.).

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Nail polish is composed of three layers of base coat gel, colored middle coat and surface coat top coat gel. Among them, the base coat gel is a viscous resin base gel, which is attached to nature, and its function is to provide a matrix for the combination of natural nails and photosetting materials; the colored middle layer UV gel is responsible for the nail shape shaping task in the nail polish; surface top coating gel, the layer gel is the last layer of nail art work and is used to seal the nail gel and give the nail surface full brightness.

Compared with traditional nail oil polish, nail polish gel can effectively solve the problems of drying speed and retention period. Its products have good gloss, transparency, toughness, and do not have irritating taste, have outstanding resistance, and are not easy to change color, etc. advantage. In addition, the biggest feature of the nail polish gel  is that the nail polish gel is applied, and it can be completely dried after being irradiated under the light for about 1 minute. This irradiation process is the process of UV curing.

UV curing is to irradiate the photon source from 200nm to 450nm in ultraviolet light. Under the action of a photoinitiator, the free radical polymerization of carbon-carbon double bonds in the UV ink binder or the cationic polymerization of epoxy and alkene ether are used to dry the conjunctiva. . UV curing does not require a heat source, does not contain solvents, and can be cured quickly. Because of this, this technology has been quickly promoted and used.

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As far as nail art is concerned, the nail art made by UV-curable nail polish is not easy to make the original nails yellow, showing the quality of crystal clear, shiny and transparent appearance, and the nails will be more durable and resistant to general solvents. Strong, the color is more bright and not easy to fall off, but the shortcoming of this kind of nail is difficult to remove.

After the nail removal treatment, it will have a certain negative impact on the original natural nails. After removing the nail art, you can apply moisturizer or keratin oil. The cuticle oil can nourish the contours of the nails and help exfoliate the cuticles. Or soak your nails in extra-grade olive oil for 10 to 15 minutes to help strengthen damaged, fragile or easily broken nails.

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Post time: Mar-27-2021

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